Old mill in new splendor

The former mill was built in 1884 and bought in 1934 by Josef Brugger, the great uncle of the current owner Heidi Zentner. At that time, the Wehrbach, the derivation of the Lieser river, which ran the mill wheel and also supplied other businesses with water, ran on the east side of the house.

The flume of the Wehrbach was destroyed by a flood in 1946 and the mill operation was finally stopped. Since apartments in the mill had already been rented out to locals and holiday guests, Josef Brugger and his sister Flora concentrated on this area.

In 1968 Heidi Zentner's mother, Waltraud Niederdorfer, took over the house. She had found her vocation in tourism and gained numerous experiences at home and abroad. As a single woman, she had the courage and began to convert the old building into a guest house called "Alte Mühle".

Today Heidi Zentner runs the Pension Alte Mühle in the artist city of Gmünd.

Pension Alte Mühle-Chronik

Our milestones

Passion is also evident in the renovation of the old mill, which we are doing carefully.

With love of detail we try to take the traditional charm of the “Alte Mühle” of always creating something new!

Single-/Double rooms
Triple rooms
Quadruple room